Global Care

Whether you require the coordination of hospital visits, priority at select hospitals, or want to consolidate all your health records in one place, The Health Bank is always one step ahead of your journey to wellness.

Health Management members are eligible to upgrade from Health Management membership to Weight Loss Solution membership, and may do so by paying the additional pro-rata for the current billing cycle and last month’s membership.

Benefits include:

Health Manager
  • Dedicated personal assistant (with a background in nursing) to coordinate and manage all your health and wellness needs
  • Collects and manages records keeping them up to date
  • Schedules appointments and provides priority appointments at select hospitals and clinics
  • Gives you the best options for doctors and specialists based on your insurance coverage
  • Provides best prices for cash paying patients
  • Offers access to over 25,000 doctors, specialists, wellness and healthcare facilities in over 140 countries
24/7 Doctor on Phone
  • Access to General Physicians on the phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in over 99 languages worldwide
Electronic Health Records
  • Collects and digitizes all your health records and stores them securely
  •  Records stored on an easy-to-access online portal that can be viewed on any smart device
  • Allows easy transfer of records from one healthcare provider to another
  • Eliminates any repetitive and redundant testing
Remote Second Medical Opinion
  • “26% of second opinion cases resulted in a change in diagnosis. 75% of cases resulted in change in treatment plan.” – World Care
  • Get a second opinion in under 72 hours from the comfort of your own home
  • Your Health Managers will consolidate your records (relevant to your condition or diagnosis) and send them to our specialists in the US, UK and Germany
Global Care Concierge
  • Manages all your health and wellness needs while you travel, from booking appointments to collecting reports abroad
  • Offers unlimited local and international referrals to recognized healthcare providers, facilities, wellness centers, clinics, research facilities and more
  • Provides research on treatments, healthcare providers, and insurance based on your requirements and preferences

Monthly ( 1 Year commitment)
AED 299 per month / Total AED 3,588

Yearly (Get 2 months Free)
AED 249 per month / Total AED 2,999

1 month trial (1 time payment)
AED 450

Family Package

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