Health Management

From providing coordination of hospital visits, to getting priority pass and treatment at hospitals, to consolidating all your health records in one place, THB is always one step ahead of the journey to wellness.

Benefits Include:

Health Manager
  • Dedicated personal assistant (with a background in nursing) to coordinate and manage all your health and wellness needs
  • Collects and keeps your records up to date
  • Schedules appointments and provides priority at select hospitals and clinics
  • Gives you the best options for doctors and specialists based on your insurance and coverage
  • Provides best prices for cash paying patients
  • Access to over 25,000 doctors, specialists, wellness and healthcare facilities in over 140 countries
24/7 Doctor on Phone
  • Have access to General Physicians on the phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in over 99 languages worldwide.
Electronic Health Records
  • Collecting and digitizing all your health records and storing them securely
  • Easy to access online portal on any smart device
  • Easy transfer of records from one healthcare provider to another
  • Eliminates repetitive and redundant testing
Remote Second Medical Opinion

“26% of second opinion cases resulted in a change in diagnosis. 75% of cases resulted in change in treatment plan.” – World Care

  • Get a second opinion from the comfort of your own home.
  • Your health managers will consolidate your records (relevant to your condition or diagnosis) and will send it to our specialists in the US, UK and Germany
  • Your second opinion is received in under 72 hours.
Medical Travel Assistance

Managing all your health and wellness needs while you travel, from booking appointments to collecting reports from abroad.

Research and Referrals
  • Unlimited local and international referrals to recognized healthcare providers, facilities, wellness centers, clinics, research facilities and more.
  • Research on treatments, providers, and insurance based on your requirements and preferences.

AED 299 / month

Health Management members are eligible to upgrade from Health Management membership to Weight Loss Solution membership, and may do so by paying the additional pro-rata for the current billing cycle and last month’s membership.

Weight Loss Solutions

A comprehensive slimming programme that focuses on sleep, stress, fitness, nutrition and dietary regimes in order for you to achieve your optimal weight. Your personal healthcare coach monitors your daily progress to ensure your goals are achieved.

Benefits Include:

Healthcare Coach

A certified dietitian who engages and monitors your daily progress to ensure the goals are achieved.

DNA and lab testing
  • Scheduled at a location of your convenience
  • DNA to test your genetic predispositions, fitness and nutrition
  • Lab test to assess your lifestyle habits
Diet plan
  • Your Healthcare Coach will personalize your diet plan based on the results of your DNA and lab tests.
  • A diet plan that compliments your daily routine.

We use innovative 3g enabled devices that monitor and automatically send progress reports to your Healthcare Coach whenever you use the device

Complimentary Health Management

Providing you with complimentary health management for the period of your program

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Medical Tourism Management

Medical Tourism

Working alongside Dubai Health Authority (DHA) through their Medical Tourism program Dubai Health Experience (DXH), we manage all your medical tourism needs. Focusing on the journey of inbound patients, we take care of everything from travel and transport to accessing the best medical services and facilities as well as accommodation, leisure activities and post-treatment support.

DXH SmartCare

Benefits Include:

Each member will receive a Health Passport which guarantees them health management care and support from THB.

Health Manager
  • A personal assistant for your health
  • Will consolidate all your relevant health records from your country of residence.
  • Will manage all your medical tourism logistics from travel, transport, accommodation, leisure and the specialists.
  • Access to over 25,000 doctors, specialists, wellness and healthcare facilities in over 140 countries
Health Passport
  • We collect your records (relevant to your condition or treatment) from your home country, and digitize them for easy access
  • We can transfer your records to any healthcare provider, with your consent.
  • You will have access to your electronic health records for the duration of your membership.
24/7 doctor on call
  • Have access to General Physicians on the phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in over 99 languages worldwide.
DXH Partners

Access to DXH health care partners qualified by DHA for medical tourists

Post procedure Care
  • After your procedure, THB can provide home and after care services to support you in your recovery
  • After the procedure, THB can transfer all relevant health records from Dubai to the patients doctor for long term care in their home country
  • Continued care and support from Dubai can be arranged via our Health Management package.
Remote second medical opinion
  • Get a second medical opinion from the comfort of your own home or accommodation.
  • Your health manager will send the relevant health records to specialists in the US, UK, and Germany who will provide you with a second opinion in under 72 hours.
Health Manager Meet and Greet
  • Your health manager will receive patient at the airport and accompany them to the accommodation or medical facility.
  • Upon request, your health manager will be present at the hospital alongside you during the care period.

AED 1999

Aesthetic Care

We empower our clients to make informed choices on aesthetic and elective procedures with confidence, based on the professional advice of our consultant. With a network of specialists in Dubai, London and Los Angeles, we offer you the most qualified and advanced recommendations for your required procedure.

Benefits Include:


Our consultant is the only member of the International Association of Aesthetic Consultants in the entire GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries. By offering clients qualified information, quality care, unbiased recommendation and discretion in their cosmetic procedures and treatment, THB continues to break the glass ceiling in the personal aesthetic industry in Dubai and abroad.

We believe that beauty begins from the inside and that a healthy lifestyle impacts highly on your outlook. We help our clients to feel beautiful on the inside, as well as look their most beautiful on the outside.

AED 500 / per consult