IT & Security

If I have a technical error and cannot log-in to my portal, what do I do?

If you have any issues with your portal, firstly, please try resetting your password from the screen by clicking “Forgot Password”. If you are still unable to login, please either call The Health Bank at +971 4 00 0000 or send us an email at IT@healthbank.healthcare.

How can I obtain my records if I cannot log in to my Portal?

If you have a smart phone (iOS or Android) you can download The Health Bank App.

Otherwise, simply contact your Care Coordinator and they will assist you. We can securely share relevant medical information with a provider by email, fax or even over the phone if necessary. 

Who has the right to see my medical records?

Your medical confidentiality is our top priority. All employees at The Health Bank are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement, and each employee is given access to personal and medical information only on a need to know basis. To ensure our member's confidentiality, we also perform routine audits.

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