Will I personally have to obtain all my past Medical Records?

We understand that trying to retrieve past medical records can be time-consuming and labour intensive. That’s why for PremiumCare and UltimateCare members we take on this responsibility.  Upon initiation, you’ll fill out a detailed health history questionnaire and inform us where you have received care.  We will then contact the facilities, and with your signed consent, obtain your past medical records for you. We will then input them into your universal electronic health record, so you’ll never have a fragmented and incomplete health record ever again. 

If I visit a physician, do I contact my Care Coordinator to pass my Medical Records or can I access them through my portal and share them with my physician?

Members can always access their medical records via their care portal online and/or their mobile application to share with their physician. If you would prefer that our Care Coordinator securely shares your medical records with the physician, we may do so with your written consent and ample notice.

What is genetics?

Genetics is the study of how traits such as hair color, eye color and risk for disease are passed, or inherited, from parents to their children. Genetics influence how these inherited traits can be different from person to person.

Your genetic information is called your genetic code, or genome. Your genome is made up of a chemical calleddeoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and is stored in almost every cell in your body.

What is epi-genetics?

Epi-genetics is the way a gene is regulated and expressed, and subsequently how they produce proteins. In order to better understand how the environment you live in or the lifestyle you lead is affecting your genes, we look into epigenetic testing.

Here are a few important points about epigenetics:

  • Epigenetics controls genes
  • Epigenetics is everywhere
  • Epigenetics makes us unique
  • Epigenetics is reversible

For more information, please see: http://www.whatisepigenetics.com/what-is-epigenetics/

Why should I be interested in genetic testing?

Genes encode the information that make us who we are.

Genetic testing is important in order to understand the blueprint of the body.Itcan enable clinicians to detect inherited traits, diagnose heritable conditions, determine and quantify the likelihood that a heritable disease will develop, and identify genetic susceptibility to familial disorders.

For more information, please see: http://www.encyclopedia.com/topic/Genetic_Testing.aspx

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