What is THB?

What is The Health Bank?

The Health Bank (THB) is a global health management company that brings together world-class providers, advanced technology and personalised care coordination to help our members stay healthy.  

We are professional, empathetic, and highly knowledgeable about how best to manage our members’ healthcare and wellness needs. We ensure our members receive unprecedented access to world-renowned centres of excellence and top specialists. In addition, we manage every members’ universal electronic health record, which is available to them 24/7 via a secure care portal and mobile application.

How does The Health Bank keep me and my family healthy?

The Health Bank endeavours to be a trusted, unbiased source of health and wellness information for our members and their loved ones. We offer our members proactive care by providing gentle reminders, as well as health screening and wellness check-up recommendations. We also schedule appointments and research new and innovative wellness offerings.

If you’re not feeling well or have a question regarding a medication, we can connect you to a reliable physician over the phone for advice.

The Health Bank’s universal electronic health record puts your health data back into your hands. We collate and digitalize your records, which you have 24/7 access to via our mobile application and our secure online portal. Updated and collated medical records can help reduce errors and unnecessary treatment or testing, minimise delays and improve health outcomes.

Lastly, for members interested in optimising their health and/or making a lifestyle change for better health, we have our innovative, personalised wellness plans. Using your unique DNA information our preferred partners create a personalised wellness plan for you, and with the support and encouragement from our Care Coordinators, you are sure to succeed. 

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