At The Health Bank we offer world-class, bespoke, health management services, so you can have total peace of mind when it comes to your health.

We focus on preventative medicine with an integrated approach to wellness, in order to keep all of our members healthy. We also provide the best professional resources and innovative technologies if they do happen to fall ill and require additional support and coordination.

Our tailor made services ensure you get the best concierge care and coordination possible, no matter where you are in the world.


Our Approach

When it comes to healthcare, we focus on a more personalised approach.

We understand that everyone has individual needs when it comes to their health, that’s why we offer bespoke, tailored solutions with reliable and dependable support. We’re here for the long run, investing in your future by being both proactive and preventative when it comes to your health and wellness.




Who We Serve

Our healthcare management solutions are ideal for those wanting to focus on preventative health and wellness. Our memberships packages are designed with the whole family in mind; from busy international business men and women, to expatriate families, to those with a serious or chronic illness.


Our extensive services help keep your most valuable employees healthy and productive no matter where they are in the world. By coordinating timely and proactive care, our continuous, international and local health management can potentially reduce illness and also downstream costs.


Regardless of age, we have a membership package perfectly suited to meet your family’s needs. From infants needing routine vaccinations, elderly parents who might require caregivers or adults and children who want to stay on top of their health, we have the whole family covered.


Our membership packages are ideal for individuals such as global citizens, expats, or frequent travellers who are looking to prevent illness and focus on their overall wellbeing. Alternatively, if you are facing a serious or chronic medical condition, we are here to help.